Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gettin' Flaky

Yesterday was the first real snow of the season. Abby, Ethan and I went out in the great packing snow and made snowmen. Abby made her entire snowman herself, while Ethan's was a collective work of art.

Changes of season are always such a cleansing time...

it's skates and sleds and featherbeds,
it's wintertime, Snow is all around.
Frosty nose and ears a throbbin'

then one day, "hey look! a robin!"
pulls a worm out of the ground.
Mother earth's about to change her gown...
[Tom Chapin, "Mother Earth's Routine"]


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love Ethan's hat! I wish I was there with them. I know that Emma and Allison would do just about anything to get to make a snowman.

Anonymous said...

How lucky you were to have your camera "at the ready" that great day as, alas, the snow has melted but, you have captured the mememory of the first snowmen of the year! Looks like a great topic for a scrapbooking page! Snow People are almost as big as the kid-lets.

TheTentMaker said...

Welcome back to the blogging! It's good to see an update on the family! I love the first snow... We have yet to get one.