Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's Summertime

Tonight, an unplanned purchase at Target resulted in a great time in the yard with the kids next door.

I love summer.
Abby, the daredevil (this girl LOVES rollercoasters)

"Baby Tayla" (poor girl will never outgrow that with me - I've called her that since birth, and she'll be two in a couple of months)
Gracey was scared, but insisted on going like the bigger kids.

Ethan slid off the "raft" most of the time, but loved slipping and sliding!

My full grown kid, in his clothes.
I love this man.


Anonymous said...

What fun! Mark must be the favorite dad in the whole neighborhood! I might have to make such an unplanned purchase myself.

Anonymous said...

That slip and slide looks like WAY too much fun...and I would have been surprised if your picture spread did not include Mark going down the "channel" with the kids. That's why he is such a fun dad. Aunt Sue

Anonymous said...

I miss you, Cool Neighbor Kim, and all of your kids!!! I hope things settle down a bit and I can actually do some hanging out this summer with y'all!!

Anonymous said...

His looks like a BLAST!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Gosh! What a Happy Time is being had by all - - - So glad that you take pictures to share with us - Scrappbookinging Anyone?

Love, from Gammers

Gwen said...

Hi there!

I made my blog private and I wanted to let you know if you are interested in being a reader email me at and I would be happy to add you as a reader.

Gwen said...

Hello...anyone out there?

Guess what? It's not summer anymore! HAHA!!!