Friday, April 27, 2007

Who is the cutest girl in the world?

You'd better be thinking Abby! ;)

10.5 in 4

WW results: Down 10.5 pounds in just 4 weeks! Woohoo! My clothes are definitely feeling looser - I can't wait to buy new things in smaller sizes.

I LOVE this program. I am no longer eating beyond being hungry. And I eat foods that are much healthier. AND I even eat dessert every single day! What's not to love??

Mark has also been doing well - down 6.5 pounds!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

WW Update

The good news: I'm down 7-1/4 pounds from last week.

The bad news: I had the stomach flu.


I think not.

[I do estimate that about 2-1/2 pounds was true loss, while the other 5ish pounds were flu-related - probably mostly water. Boo.]

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

Christ the Lord is risen today! Alleluia!

Friday, April 06, 2007

WW Progress

I'm into my 2nd week of Weight Watchers. At my weigh-in on Wednesday, I discovered that I lost 3/4 pound! This isn't a huge weight loss, but it's significant because I had two birthday parties to attend this past weekend (with lots of foods that are worth lots of points). I still lost weight - and I even ate birthday cake at both parties! Woohoo!

The biggest self-discovery over the past week has been that I often eat beyond being hungry. I will eat until I feel "stuffed" instead of just "full." That's my problem at meal-time. Another problem is grabbing food when I'm bored, or it's just sitting in front of me, despite my hunger level. And my third big problem is choosing really high-fat or high-sugar foods over healthier options.

I feel good about my progress. We'll see what week 2 has in store for me!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Bye bye, cheese

You know my cheese cooking challenge? I'm going to have to give it up.

I have been feeling really, really tired this past winter. More so than usual, although I always feel run down when winter comes. I have had my thyroid checked in hopes that there might be an explanation. But everything is normal.

I have figured it must be extra weight I am carrying, paired with lack of exercise. All of it only exacerbated by a less-than-ideal diet. So, Weight Watchers seemed the way go to.

I joined Weight Watchers last Thursday. And honestly, I don't feel deprived of food at all. I feel great! And I am now very conscious of eating when I'm actually hungry for food instead of just bored.

If you don't know, the "flex plan" of WW is based on a point system. I have so many "points" to spend each day on food, plus additional discretionary points to use throughout the week. So, I have been heavily researching what foods are worth what point values to see what foods I am willing to "save up" points for and which can be let go. In my research, I discovered that my normal Steak 'N' Shake meal costs almost 3 days worth of points - - - all in one meal! (64 points, for those WW fans!). Bye bye, Steak'N'Shake.

It's been really good, and I'm really confident I can lose weight on this plan. I'm excited! I'm really blessed, too, because Mark is doing it with me, which helps me out so much. There is no temptation to eat a giant piece of cake if Mark isn't eating one in front of me. I can hardly wait to weigh in tomorrow!