Friday, November 28, 2008

Calling all parents of young children...

I am in the process of advising Santa on some things my children would like, and find myself attracted to the same things that I advised last year.

What are your kids "tried and true" toys? You know, the ones that have stood the test of time, let their imaginations run wild, lasted year after year? Give me some ideas, please! Write me a comment with any "hits" or "misses" you have!

To reciprocate, here are my recommendations:
  • A play kitchen (any brand will do - ours happens to be Little Tikes)
  • Loving Family Doll House (I love this doll house - you can purchase the people of different ages and ethnicities, which we did)
  • Tinkertoys (had 'em as a kid - and now Ethan and Abby absolutely love them!)
  • Legos (another classic)
  • All things "dress-up"
  • Geotrax Train System (we have lots of add-on, so our tracks can be really big!)
Things I thought would be great, but were flops:
  • Wooden Unit Blocks (I imagined my children creating huge playscapes with them, but they are not interesting to them. Better [and cheaper] choice - simple Legos)
  • Stuffed animals (my kids barely play with them)


TheTentMaker said...

The Super Man Capes have been a lasting hit, Light sabers never go out of style, geo-mags (Fun for all ages), OOH and jumpy balls:

We bought the kids small size real shovels and rakes. Not only is our bark yard a big hole now, but the tools have been imagenary instruments of all kinds, like the tines of the rake are the controls of a space ship.

And our guys actually love many of their stuffed animals...

Anonymous said...

It is a little late for this comment, but we believe we have gotten every cent worth of the little foam "futon" that we picked up for the kids. They have dora, elmo, princess, cars, whatever character is appropriate for your child. We got ours when Gracey was 1 and her and Tayla still use it in all sorts of ways now that Gracey is almost 4.